ANDpakk2 (apk2)
EXEcutable compression tool
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ANDpakk2 is an EXEcutable compression tool allowing you to get better compression ratios of your intros, demos or any other kind of software.

This project is a part of research work of the author for internal usage and 64k intro experiments.

ANDpakk2 is based on idea of adaptive statistical data compression based on context modeling and prediction by model mixing and prediction by partial matching on neural networks.

All the data is getting processed by filters, predicted in different context models (by neural networks) which are getting mixed and predicted by another neural networks again. Prediction is done per bit with four-byte context history and coded by arithmetic coder at the final stage.

I've got very impressive compression ratios making Zoom3 64k intro compressed down to 45760 bytes after some specific optimizations of the data structures. It also shows much much better compression ratios than any other general purpose EXE/data compressor.

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