Anti-Aliasing From a Different Perspective
Directionally Localized Anti-Aliasing (DLAA)

Presented at Game Developers Conference 2011

GDC 2011
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DLAA vs MLAA stability test

Demo and source code
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Multisample Anti-Aliasing has been the holy grail solution in games for many years. But unfortunately, it's not always applicable. The more multi-pass and deferred techniques we put in place, to keep increasing visual complexity, the more costly it becomes. Especially on consoles, directly and indirectly, when adjusting for all the post-processing effects.

"Anti-Aliasing From a Different Perspective" is a story behind Directionally Localized Anti-Aliasing. It shows how a technical problem of anti-aliasing could be solved in an artistic way. By going through a series of prototypes, failures and successes, geting to the final idea of the algorithm and its console specific implementation details.

The proposed solution is a novel anti-aliasing technique which was used in The Force Unleashed 2. It is designed with simplicity in mind, that makes it GPU and CPU friendly and allows to have efficient implementations on modern gaming consoles such as the PlayStation3 and XBox360. It is temporally stable and very effective, offering very high quality to performance ratio.

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