Zoom3 64k Intro
Released at Assembly'03 demo party
1st place in Combined 64K Intro Competition

zoom3_v1_02_final.zip (64 kB)
zoom3_part1.mp3 (7.1 MB)
zoom3_part2.mp3 (3.1 MB)

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Zoom3 is a demo in 64k based on modern new rendering technologies like : perpixel shading, hardware shadow processing, volumetric rendering and adaptive image post processing effects, and many other just in 64k limitation. There are a lot of geometry and sound stuff inside. And I hope you like it a lot.

NOTE : version 1.02 (final)
Extra options has been added
- Show FPS ( allow you to see power of your 3D accelerator )
- Disable blur ( if you have not so fast 3D card, you can disable motion blur which based on previous frames )
- Loop demo ( it runs again and again )
Buildin 3D hardware autodetection. Now there is only one executable file. There are two buildin shader versions for nVidia and ATi stuff. On other hardware nVidia like shader pipe will be switched
Additional size optimization makes all this things possible
Pixel shaders for latest ATi hardware has been fixed
Error messages has been included

NOTE : version 1.01 has some bug fixes with crash after 2 minutes of the show.

System requirements :
- P3-1Ghz
- video card with pixel and vertex shaders support (like GeForce(3,4,FX), Radeon8500 and higher) on latest drivers
- 128MB of RAM
- any sound card
- NT based Windows
- DirectX 9.0

Recomended system :
- Windows XP
- P4-2Ghz
- GeForce4 Ti4600 or GeForce FX5800

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