Feet4 4k
Released at Assembly'04 demo party
2nd place in Combined 4K Intro Competition

feet4_by_and_1.zip (15 kB)

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Feet4 is a next 4k intro based on 4k intro engine used for AcidIce. Inside the package you will find party version of intro in BAT file. Where I have used MSCAB trick for file packing.
xp_unpacked.exe is a unpacked version of xp.bat file.
feet4.exe is a general version of the intro which will works on every Windows

NOTE : Party version and unpacked party version are very unstable. Because I've used ugly method of importing (indexed). I know, that is not so good to do this. But it worked for latest service pack for WinXP for that moment and worked just fine. Anyway, if party version doesn't work, then general version will works.

System requirements :
- PIII-1000
- DirectX 9
- 3D card of 5th generation or higher on latest drivers ( this version has been tested on all nVidia's cards from GeForce256 to GeForce4, and ATI's Radeon8500 )
- 128MB of RAM
- any sound card

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