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Original UnrealSpeccy by SMT

UnrealSpeccyPPCv102.arm.cab (542 kB)
UnrealSpeccyPPCv101.arm.cab (503 kB)
UnrealSpeccyPPCv101.rar (197 kB)
UnrealSpeccy.arm.cab (502 kB)
UnrealSpeccyPPC.rar (196 kB)

Smartphone Mag

"UnrealSpeccyPPC 1.02. This new, excellent and, outside the ex-Soviet region, absolutely unknown emulator, a port of the also successful and excellent Unreal Speccy, is by far the best Spectrum emulator out there." - SmartphoneMag

Just right after I've got my new ETen G500+ communicator (the Pocket PC) I was looking for ZX-Spectrum emulator to care it everywhere with me and have fun of THE BEST 8BIT PLATFORM created ever. Watch demos, play games, whatever...
But unfortunately I haven't found anything more of less working as it suppose to work.

Pocket Clive doesn't have TR-DOS, it doesn't support multicolor effects etc... The other one was a port of ZXEmu for Pocket PC. But I didn't like it either just because of its original quality of emulation. I wanted something that I am having on my PC...
....Yes.... That's right. Unreal Speccy by SMT yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhh.....

The only problem was that nobody has ported it yet so that's what I was going to do for the next couple of weeks.

System requirements :
- Windows CE
- At least 300 Mhz ARM compatible CPU
- Supports both QVGA 320x240 and VGA 640x480 modes

Recomended system :
- 400 Mhz ARM based Pocket PC on Windows Mobile 5.0

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