Outcast Lives Forever
Outcast map and model viewer
Released for everybody who likes
the original Outcast game by Appeal

OCLF_v1_02.exe (574 kB)
OCLF_v1_01.exe (559 kB)
oclf.rar (268 kB)

This is my implementation of Outcast's voxel engine based on latest hardware. It's just a map viewer but this is look like original Outcast.

In 1999 I have seen one new game "Outcast", I was ammazed. In that time it was a greatest game as I can imagine. Unbeliveable gameplay and researches of greatest landscapes with a lot of NPC... There are big worlds with their history, culture and peoples. You can speak with anyone, you can help them to do something. There are greate storyline. But it all was powered by unbeliveble software-based voxel engine with a lot of pixel effects like water, snow, fog, fire, etc... At that moment we didn't have any 3D accelerator which can do that.

After the years, when I take a lot of experience in 3D engenering and engines development I have stared this project. I have cracked all Appeal's resources which can help me to do my own 3D engine and my own landscapes. So, I havn't a lot of free time, and first researches of Appeal's resources takes me about 3-4 months. And now you can see this map viewer of original Outcast. When your see as your dreams comes true, your can't imagine at the moment as it greate.

NOTE : version 1.01
- HDR rendering
- All characters from the game
- 1st and 3rd person views
- Auto hardware detection
- Bump mapping
- Advanced water rendering
- Soft shadows
And more new features which will be interesting for all who like that game :)

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