BreakPoint 2004, Bingen, Germany

Party hall

The big screen. Let's start.

Natasha from ATi are talking about RenderMonkey and hardware shaders

Jackson's clone

Party timeline Awards are coming up

A part of Farbrausch and me
Fiver2, Gizmo, And, Wayfinder

Nice Bingen's site to Rhein


It was very nice demoscene hymn
kb^Farbrausch are screaming something

Near the fire

A bit closer

Just fun...

Nosfe are showing something interesing ;)

Curly Brace^Kewlers, And

I was looking beside the wall. Nothing :(

Infodesk after the party

Natasha from ATi and me

Chaos^Farbrausch, And

Uhhh.... It is so big

This one - too...

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