Assembly 2003, Helsinki, Finland

So... We are in Finland, and we say thank to Nosfe and his friends
Their house is really greate and funny

Well, partydoors are opened and peoples are prepearing their computer places

Party place in lights. In next 4 days it will be completely darken

Peoples in oldschool area are trying to do something

There are special gaming area, Q3, U2, CS and so on...

Well... That is an exclusive screenshot from new HiTech shooter

Nice photo, they are back :)

Woooow... Did you ever have a dream? That is...

Chaos/Farbrausch are preparing for his seminar

Hi mans! Some of them are coming from Australia
If you know, it is 24 hours on the plane

If you wanna hear some realtime live music, then come here
P.S. That flares are completely realtime effect

It is time to prize ceremony, and Abyss is looking for results around ;)

There are lots of russian sceners. Koroche zlo i wse takoe.

Ooooops... Who is that mans? Anybody know? Well, let me see

Ahhh... I know them. Abyss and audience are trying to understand
my clever english... but I hope they have understood what I meant ;)

What, what, what????? Aaaassseembbbblyyyy'00003ffffirrrsssstpppriiizzzzzeeeee
Ah... Assembly'03 first prize, ok

Party is over, and it is time to go home

byTe Finland and hello Russia, WE ARE BACK ;)

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